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In Japan, since times gone past, beauticians have laid a hot towel on the face and neck when cutting hair or treating skin. The steam opens the pores, filtering out impurities, and has a relaxing effect.
Mon Soin du Visage applies this principle to its Botanical Essences with an innovative set of four plants combinations as well as sake and wasabi.
This care provides balance and harmony in the morning and throughout the day, easing worries and making for untroubled sleep, awakening with a serene and quiet heart.


Use two to three drops in a bowl filled with hot water. This blend is conceived for daily facial cleansing.
Soak a cotton flannel and then gently wring it before wiping the face at least five times, cleansing it from impurities or rinse your face with this blend. Depending on the season and skin type, using cold water is also possible.

Hand and foot care

Use six to eight drops in a large bowl filled with hot water and soak your hands or feet for up to ten minutes. It warms them and assists circulation, spreading warmth throughout the body and easing tense shoulders and headaches. Covering the neck and shoulders is recommended.

Half bath

Use ten to twelve drops in a bathtub filled with hot water, immersing yourself up to your stomach. The water pressure on the lower body will help circulation, easing menstrual discomfort, stomach-aches, lumbar pains and can help in case of cystitis. Covering the upper body is recommended.

Full body

Use twelve to fifteen drops in a bathtub filled with warm water. This relaxing and detoxifying bath helps circulation. Stay in the bath for at least half an hour, as warm water is good for your general condition.


Fill a diffuser with Botanical Essence, or drop some on a candle at certain times of day – when the sun rises in the morning, if you feel stressed at work or on a moonlit light. Let the aromas open your five senses and your mind.

*** The Botanical Essences can be used in the presence of babies and pets. ***

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