Handmade Hinoki bowls – Made to order

Handmade Hinoki bowl

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Mon Soin du Visage bowls are handmade with wood from wild hinoki – or Japanese cypress – forests, where thermal water flows.

A traditional Japanese wood, our timber is selected with the greatest of care, for its exceptionally refined texture. It is extremely hard to work on, as it cleaves easily, and crafting a hinoki object is a very skilled job. To do so, the artisan needs to master his technique and savoir-faire, which is the reason why hinoki objects are so rare and sophisticated.

Mon Soin du Visage hinoki bowls are finished with a natural glaze. It is made from organic silica, without any solvents. It is resistant to ultraviolet light, fire and chemicals, and impermeable to water, but not to air. Thus the wood is able to breathe, exhaling its millennia-old perfume.