Beauty through the senses

Our products are made to touch and awaken the five senses. Foremost is the sense of smell, which is certainly the strongest, as it constantly sends indications to the mind. It can recall lost memories and forgotten feelings, from times long past or even a previous life.
Inhale deeply to let Mon Soin du Visage products open your mind, pores, body and soul.
This is the simplest way to attain beauty and a balance of soul, to help you open your sense of smell to sight, sound, taste, and touch.
So opening the five senses is the shortest path to a beautiful body and soul.
* And don’t forget to laugh a lot, as laughing eases stress and makes for good health, and a young skin!

The Macrobiotic path

For us, macrobiotics are the best way to develop a strong immune system and build a strong body with an open mind. And to have beautiful skin….
Indeed, even using high quality organic skincare, a healthy way of life is still key. If the spirit is open, Mother Nature will find a cure…
This is why some of our raw materials choices are dictated by macrobiotic principles. For example, the sake, yomogi, soy, rice-bran, and camellia oil we used in the skincare range are part of a macrobiotic skin therapy.
In the same encompassing philosophy, we recommend Hatha yoga to help open your mind and body and to improve circulation. It is very gentle and can be started at any age.

A day off for the skin

Our advice is to allow your skin to rest for a day each week. The epidermis harbours more than 150 different types of bacteria, protecting it and keeping it healthy. Therefore, it is important to preserve this function by not cleansing the skin too often. Once a week, clean your face and go to sleep, without applying anything to it. Being active, the skin regenerates its defence system and develops its immunity.