We have chosen to use glass jars and bottles for all our products, as we find it is friendlier to the environment than plastic. Though both may be recycled, the process of recycling glass is much less harmful to the planet.
Firstly, to recycle biodegradeable plastic requires natural materials, such as corn, a crop already responsible for extensive encroachment on the Amazon rainforest. Secondly the process to recycle plastic requires many times more petrol than the process for recycling glass.
We use high quality materials and encourage our clients to re-use their glass jars and bottles via a refill system that we plan to introduce soon.
The boxes and glass that we use for Mon Soin du Visage have been designed to protect our products and keep them fresh.

Organic and biodegredable

Our raw materials are certified organic for 95,1% to 100% depending on the products, the rest being biodegradable. No artificial ingredients have been added to our products, such as man-made chemicals, fragrances or colourings.
All the dyes we use for our boxes are vegetal-based.

Made in France

Rather than having our products manufactured in a distant country at a much lower cost, we have chosen to have them made in France, since we feel that there is a special reverence for artisan work here, in keeping with our creations. From our blown-glass bottles to our tailored boxes, from the composition of our products to our bags, through to the printing of this catalogue, we have weaved a local and authentic production.
This both helps the environment and preserves France’s long tradition with aromatherapy and perfume.


Our products have been created entirely from our honest passion for nature and our ambition to reconnect people with the simple delights and subtle sensory experiences that nature is willing to offer.
They are made using only the purest and most refined ingredients. Rather than water, we prefer organic sake, made in the mountains of Northern Japan.

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