Planetary Cycle

We use organic plants because we genuinely believe in natural and universal principles. Plants are rained upon and nourished by the sun and their environment, providing them with alimentary, therapeutic and cosmetic properties. Organic plants are most certainly superior in terms of smell, taste and nutrition. Crops grown with chemicals (pesticides and herbicides), unnaturally fed livestock and chemical products for the skin have provoked new diseases, allergies and eczema. It therefore follows that using chemicals in agriculture and cosmetics is a huge step backwards for health and the environment. In the cycle of our round Earth, wastewater (whether domestic or industrial) has a huge impact on aquatic fauna. And aquatic fauna feeds insects, which feed birds, animals, and eventually us. This is how the natural cycle turns and it is unreasonable to assume that using insecticides has no impact on human and animal lives, and on rivers and oceans.

It is important to live according to the law of nature, respecting its balance by eating organic vegetables and using biodegradable products. For this reason, we insist on using and recommending organic products – whether in our ingredients or for their application, as with the cotton flannels – for Mon Soin du Visage.


Indispensable to life, water is constantly recycled and is usually treated with chlorine or other chemicals, particularly in populated areas. Use filtered water for skincare, at least for the face if not for the entire body.